Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Two Players in the Blurb Raffle: Pop & RDN (SocialToaster & LibraryThing)

Of all things for my pop to 'like', he picks my "activity on SocialToaster." Haha. He so hip.
They do have some sweet copy.

Oh, and I also got writer, reviewer, publicist RDN to peek down the rabbithole. LibraryThing.
I hope any- and every- body who notices this post will friend RDN on LibraryThing.

Mass Group Invitations As Publicity Stunt Frowned Upon By LibraryThing

I just received a pointed comment from an unofficial official at LibraryThing I think.

My bad, LibraryThingBrarian. Just saw a loophole and had to take the chance to hip all possible peeps to my giveaway.

Here is where I went a bit far with my promotions, I guess:


If you go to my promotion's main page and click the bottommost image of the sidebar (a diamond grenade), you might find a page or two of interest. The image is captioned Mass Group Invitations As Publicity Stunt Frowned Upon By LibraryThing. The url of the page is thediamondgrenade.wordpress.com

Monday, September 28, 2015

One Giveaway, Many Sites

Backstage Ground Zero Front Page Full Monty The Works The Author

Win now!

A half dozen sites are woven into a big giveaway event.

The event is a promotion of some new original writing.

Five fifteen dollar Barnes & Noble Gift Cards are to be given away.

There are linkies to leave your site on, so technicallyit is a hop!

Come check it out and leave a link to your site somewhere.

Also eager to have the rafflecopter or a link shared on your site.

The titles of the texts are "The Diamond Grenade" and "The Way and its Adepts".

Raffle entries may be earned by leaving a simple blog comment, and via Twitter and Facebook.

More entries will be awarded for short blurbs on the texts (3 sentences or less), for reviews,

and for all submissions of original work by anonymous form, anonymous fourm, or email.

Daniel Julian, author of the texts and chief blogger in charge of the blurb raffle, is easy to reach.

Email thediamondgrenade2015@gmail.com. Tweet @uttleysz, find Daniel on Facebook.

Sunday, September 27, 2015