Friday, October 28, 2016

Bent Nib

once new, once a gift
tip now jagged from misuse

old fountain pen nib

Still Pretty

still pretty to me
though piebald, patchy, forlorn
late October shrub

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016


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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Redshift, Dark Energy, and the Quickening Hurtling-outward of It All

Redshift is the displacement of spectral lines toward longer wavelengths (the red end of the spectrum) in radiation from distant galaxies and celestial objects. Somehow, measuring redshift, we've come to believe that not only is the matter in the universe hurtling out from the center, it's hurtling faster and faster. Some say that the cause of the increasing acceleration of matter from the center outward is to do with dark energy, which is distributed throughout space. I'm not trying to put up a front. I don't understand what redshift is or how we measure it or how those measurements lead us to these theories, and I sure don't know what dark energy might be. Perhaps I just like articulating science-y stuff once in a while. But it's interesting that science is kind of the new religion. We have to make a leap of faith, because we're sure not doing the experiments ourselves, nor could we even read and comprehend the research papers which the research generates, probably. We have our high priests to take care of all that. The new clergyman: the scientific shaman. What am I on about? Oh, I dunno. It's just a haiku, right? Or have I now made it into a haibun?

 way down the long wave 
spectral lines all out of whack
 Big Bang speeding up

Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Blame"- a poem after Dickinson's "Answer July"

Today’s directive from Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: Using not more than 100 words, compose a query in the style of Emily Dickinson’s "Answer July"…

Oh boy. This ain’t a-gonna be easy.

Okay, here goes.


Tell me, Man:
Wherefore art thou –
Wherefore so vain –
Wherefore fickle?

Came back Man:
Wherefore to you –
Wherefore do you reign –
Wherefore the sickle?
Tell. Do tell.

First – said Death:
Witness genocide –
Witness murder –
Witness war!

Grumbled War:
Who hones the blade?
Who leads the charge?
Who pulls the trigger?
Man, answered Death.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

"Kissing Gate" with Carpe Diem

Kissing Gate photo by Paul Militaru.

gray gate 'midst the green
and what color is our love
as we pause to kiss

Haiku Backstage :: Haiku My Heart :: Haiku Hub

Plenty of room here backstage.
I think I'll do some haiku back here.

headmaster on leave
we prepare full-scale assault
substitute teacher

Haha wait wait I can do better.

feeling her wild oats
our teacher goes on furlough
our hearts go with her

I know, I know: who is this guy, right?
Waltzing in and acting like he knows us.
Well, I've been lurking...

A year ago this month, I contributed this haiku:

With joy's sigh we see
This year's proud green returning
Home to humble brown

And I'm hoping to chime in with more in future.

linking to
Haiku my heart

Oh, by the by, I just found a fairly recent fledgling project called Haiku Hub. Not sure if it's taking wing, but some interesting links. Anybody you know? Hehe. I think I'll drop them into this post for safe-keeping and for the perusal of anyone who stumbles in seeking some poignant little poems. If anyone knows the status of the project, please clue me in!


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