Saturday, October 22, 2016

Haiku Backstage :: Haiku My Heart :: Haiku Hub

Plenty of room here backstage.
I think I'll do some haiku back here.

headmaster on leave
we prepare full-scale assault
substitute teacher

Haha wait wait I can do better.

feeling her wild oats
our teacher goes on furlough
our hearts go with her

I know, I know: who is this guy, right?
Waltzing in and acting like he knows us.
Well, I've been lurking...

A year ago this month, I contributed this haiku:

With joy's sigh we see
This year's proud green returning
Home to humble brown

And I'm hoping to chime in with more in future.

linking to
Haiku my heart

Oh, by the by, I just found a fairly recent fledgling project called Haiku Hub. Not sure if it's taking wing, but some interesting links. Anybody you know? Hehe. I think I'll drop them into this post for safe-keeping and for the perusal of anyone who stumbles in seeking some poignant little poems. If anyone knows the status of the project, please clue me in!


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  1. These were fun! And the one from last year, beautiful and full of the season of humbly returning to our roots...

  2. Hah. ENJOYED your sneak attack. Come back again.