Monday, March 7, 2016

Do Tell

Well, the Blurb Raffle for The Diamond Grenade is long-since complete. Five people won fifteen bucks apiece to Barnes & Noble, and I had a grand time orchestrating the whole thing. I even got some feedback on my writing in the process, which is what I was after the whole time. So yeah: good stuff. Might have to do it again sometime. Nothing like the full-court-press social media blitz. Really stimulating. In the aftermath, I'm left with a few questions...

One question is, what do I do with the sprawling web presence established in the course of the contest? I've let it sit for some months. Now I have some time to kill, so I'm decommissioning the old Blurb Raffle and paring down all the accounts and pages to what's left without the contest. Some passably diverting structure and content remains. Kind of like a sculpture made of chicken fencing, with a bit of papier-mache pasted on. Time will tell whether I continue to layer the framework with a skin of any substance, or whether it will just develop a rusty patina.

Another couple of questions - who are you? and what are you doing here? I'm really interested in what kind of person might be curious enough to click around a little, perhaps long enough to start to get a feel for what manner of person I am. So I'd really appreciate it if you'd make your mark... just a 'like' or a 'follow'... or even better, something which tells me something about you. Anything anywhere will do. A comment on this post or any post on one or another of my interlinked pages, a tweet, a facebook reply or message or friend request, something on google plus or linked in, or even, where over seventy poems are posted. Careful visiting allpoetry though; you'll soon find yourself composing there.

My my, I'm really neglecting my game tonight. And several on-going projects. That's what I love and hate about writing and blogging: it makes time just... go away, doesn't it? How about you? Do you have a blog? A game? Any projects you're working on? Do tell. I'm genuinely interested.